Pollen Count in Islamabad Has Increased Dramatically

Pollen Islamabad

According to Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) the pollen count in Islamabad has increased dramatically which could cause allergic symptoms in individuals.

The data shows that during the last 24 hours Paper Mulberry count has reached 9,176 in E-8 sector, 7,510 in F-10 sector and 40,782 in H-8 sector. However, there were no signs of Acacia, Eucalyptus and Dandelion in those areas.

The PMD has described Paper Mulberry count as very high. Pines count was recorded at 115 in E-8 Sector, 104 in F-10 sector and 95 in H-8 Sector, the Pines count was described as high by the department.

Grasses count was also termed high with 62, 50 and 47 for E-8, F-10 and H-8 sectors respectively. However, Cannabis was recorded moderate with 27, 21 and 12 for E-8, F-10 and H-8 sectors respectively.

Alternaria count was termed low with 17,13,14 for the same sectors E-8,F-10 and H-8 respectively. According to PMD all individuals will experience symptoms who are sensitive to pollens and molds.The people are advised to wear facemasks while travelling in order to minimize the effects of pollen and molds.

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