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Politically-Entertaining Songs Launched by Ali Gul Pir, Pindi Boys

Ali Gul Pir—a renown comedian singer who is very well known for his hilarious dance moves and songs has launched a politically-entertaining song captioned—Paris. The song is on the politicians who claim to transform Pakistani cities and make them a look-alike of foreign cities.

The song lyrics are a classic example of Pir style, in which the politicians who talk and focuses on transforming cities instead of paying attention to the more pressing concerns of the country are mocked. The lyrics are crafted in such a fun way that the song would definitely leave you laughing.

Another aspect that makes the song more amazing is the trippy kind of video linked to it. The overall music fits well with the mood that the video makes by playing with 3-D angles.

Pir while conversing with local media said that the song is focusing on the worst type of negativity that is present all around. The song is commenting on the political situation of the country. He stressed upon the need of casting votes.

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Besides Ali Gul Pir, Jasim Haider and the Pindi Boys have also released a new song—Hun Bas. They were also a part of Pepsi Battle of Bands last year. This time the band has stepped into hard rock and have tested their skills.

The song talks regarding the politically unstable conditions of the country and the youth being tired of it and that it is indeed high time for something to be done. Haider added that this recent release is not a typical song of Pindi Boys, rather it is a song about the political conditions of the country. He said that they have used the Punjabi word “Hun” as it imparts more aggression, rage and energy.

The election season is at its peak and the entire nation is impatiently waiting for the decision by tonight. Showbiz personalities have also played an active role in keeping the people entertained and have encouraged them for casting votes to their choice of political party.

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