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Police Officials Offering Free Cold Drinks and Water to People in Karachi

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The police officials in Karachi have earned huge respect by their simple yet sweet gesture. Police officers in Karachi were found offering free cold drinks and water to the public in mid of the hot weather conditions.

The Met Department of Pakistan has given out a heatwave alert in Karachi. The public has been asked to stay indoors during the daytime and to avoid getting heat stroke by unnecessary exposure to sunlight. The people who have to go out essentially have been advised to keep themselves hydrated and cool by drinking as much water as possible.

Karachi-ites are definitely aware that how bad a heatwave could be. In moments a person could get a heat stroke which could even lead to the death of the person. Keeping this in mind, the general public is assisting all in Karachi by providing free drinks and water to the travellers.

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The police have also shown that they want to stay hand in hand when it comes to providing somewhat relief to the public from the hot weather conditions.

Rizvia Society witnessed a scene where the police officers have set up many heat stroke camps for people on the road. They are not just supplying free drinks and water to keep people safe from the heat, but also giving rescue services in the immediate areas.

The passion and enthusiasm of these officials towards the general public is an inspiration for all. It is a gesture that we all should learn.

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