Police Officers Run Away as Pigs Enter Station Building


Yesterday, two pigs entered the Moro Police station which caused havoc also, many police officers ran outside the building to save their lives.

The reports revealed that the moment pigs entered the station building, the police staff present in the building at that time left the building immediately to secure themselves. As per the witnesses, the police officers were outside the building while the pigs remained inside.

According to the station house officer, one pig was successfully restrained while for the other one, the police had to seek help.

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The police staff in order to get rid of the pigs, asked for help from the locals living around in Moro city.

On the other hand, the same day, a large accumulation of ammunition and arms were outside the main gate of the session court Lahore.

The police said that 7 people were seen carrying the arms and ammunition and all of them were taken into custody. Later on, they were shifted to Police Station Islampura where they will be questioned.

The security in-charge at the session court stated that 5 pistols, Kalashnikovs, 15 handguns magazines, and more than 1200 bullets were detained from their belongings.

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