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Police Officer Commits Suicide After Being Suspended

As per the reports of local media, a police officer who was junior in status committed suicide on Tuesday owing to the harsh behaviour of his seniors. He performed the horrifying act out of frustration at the conduct of his seniors with him. ASI Imtiaz—was a junior investigation officer in the area of Baghbanpura. As per the reports, he shot himself after he was suspended for asking to go on leave.

The local media quoted Imtiaz’s colleagues saying that Imtiaz was rebuked by the Superintendent of the Police (Investigation)—Civil Lines.

An investigation has been initiated by the department regarding the unfortunate incident for knowing about the reasons that led the poor soul to commit the scary act of suicide.

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Last week, an exact same kind of incident was reported. A police officer of Badami Bagh area killed himself by shooting himself in the head. He was a twenty-three-year-old resident of Khokar Road. His name was Ahmad Hussain. He was positioned at the Qila Gujjar Singh Police Lines.

Taking one’s life is not an easy task. No one could imagine the amount of frustration that builds up inside the poor souls who prefers ending their lives above everything.

We are in times when there is so much going around regarding all the societal issues, this, in fact, is another significant issue that needs to be addressed “the rising trend in suicides owing to pressures”. There are many pressures on every individual. Some people know the art of handling it while others just could not take in more.

In this particular case, it is reported that the junior officer was under constant pressure from his seniors because of their attitudes. Administration and the authorities need to keep a check on all the employees and no employee should be given enough power that he/she could manipulate with the lives of others.

ASI Imtiaz is just one name that has surfaced there might be many who have suicided because of the insulting behaviours of their seniors or peers.

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