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Police Launched Crackdown Drive on Underage Drivers

underage drivers

The city traffic police have launched a crackdown drive on the underage drivers.

The drive has been launched by the city traffic police for discouraging the increasing trend of auto-riding by youngsters in the city.

As per a police spokesman, additional traffic wardens were positioned on all the significant roads of the city for punishing the violators. In the same way, the senior traffic officers were also on a round in the major localities for supervising the crackdown operation.

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Ali Malik—the Chief Traffic Officer instructed the traffic officials for intensifying the crackdown drive on the underage drivers especially on Sunday for stopping violations.

This measure came as the police observed that underage driving was one of the most vital reasons behind many deadly road accidents reported all across the province in present times.

SSP Liaquat Ali Malik has also directed the wardens to act aggressively against the youngsters for making road safety campaign a complete hit. He also made an appeal to the parents for not permitting their children to drive cars and bikes unless they pass driving tests for getting permits.

The Chief Traffic Officer said that the underage drivers are a serious threat to the lives and safety of other motorists.

He also issued warning that the traffic policemen would not just confiscate the automobiles, but the youngster drivers would also be detained.

The rule violators would only be released once their parents would submit guarantees in writing.

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