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Police Instructed to Stop Harassing Couples

The Police Department in Karachi has given instructions to its officers and constables to stop harassing couples present at the parks, beaches and public places by asking them to present a legit proof of being married.

Aamir Ahmed Khan—the Additional Inspector General of Police, Karachi issued an official notification to the zonal heads of the police department, the notification asked them to stop their subordinates—officers and constables from harassing and humiliating couples.

He further ordered that the police constables should not ask for a Nikahnama or other credentials like the CNIC from the couples.

These orders were issued by the additional IG in light of the often-launched complaints received in the recent days. He also forbade the constables of strict punishment if they would be found involved in any harassment case.

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It has been seen that police officials are usually roaming on their bikes and mobiles around the public places and harass couples and ask them to provide proof of marriage or else they bribe the couple.

They even threaten the couples to keep them and post their photos and videos on social media for causing them trouble and humiliation. Therefore, they succeed in getting good amount from the couple as the bribe.

This practice is very common and even the bribe charges of the police are fixed at various places like at the beach, public spots and parks.

The issued notification is one of its kind, however, the implementation of this order means a lot. The police should set a hotline number for reporting the harassment cases at the hand of the police constables and matters that involve threats and bribes demanded by the police officials.

For launching a formal complaint, the police have set a WhatsApp number which is 0343-5142770.

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