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Police finally capture the Karachi knife attacker

Knife attacker

For as far back as three weeks, Karachi was witness to an alternate sort of fear.

News made the rounds that ladies were being assaulted by a knife using assailant in Gulistan-e-Jauhar. The quantity of casualties and the episodes continued expanding, as a defenseless police force attempted to tackle the riddle behind this knife assailant.

They didn’t know his identity, or what his intentions were, with some speculating that the serial stabber was an insane mane. Yet, now, 3 weeks after the first instance of the knife assailant flew up, Karachi Police asserts that it has captured the man in charge of those grievous acts.

The police claims that they have captured Muhammad Waseem, an individual they have told was additionally professedly included with wounding cases in Punjab too.

The capture of knife attacker will put an end to citizen’s fear

Region Korangi SSP Captain (retd) Haider Raza and his exceptional police group captured him with the assistance of Sahiwal Police.

SSP Raza, while conversing with a media outlet as of late, shared the news that his group has caught the infamous knife attacker, whose demonstrations have left ladies in Karachi threatened throughout the previous 3 weeks.

In any case, SSP Raza additionally adds that examinations are yet to begin and that Waseem has just denied his inclusion when he was at first cross examined by the police.

Waseem was captured from Mandi Bahuddin, as indicated by police accounts. They say he will be sent to Karachi in a day or two for deliberate cross examinations.

It came to light that Waseem was captured once in 2015 in Sahiwal also, however was later released since there was no proof associating him to the wrongdoing. He soon vanished from the city.

The law enforcement experts in Sahiwal took his sibling and partner in an attempt to follow Waseem’s whereabouts. As destiny would have it, Karachi police and Sahiwal police teamed up with each other in regards to the similitude of their cases.

SSP Raza includes that separated from the episodes in Karachi, there were some in Lahore also. He guessed that Waseem kept running from Sahiwal to Lahore and had cut a few ladies there and additionally he advanced toward Karachi.

With a lot of information, the Karachi police still isn’t completely certain if he’s engaged with the cases in the city.

Waseem was already connected to an instance of stabbings in both Sahiwal and Chicha Watni, with 35 and 200 comparable cases enlisted against him individually.

The Lahore police additionally presume him of being associated with two comparable late occurrences that happened in Lahore. In the event that the Lahore police don’t book and capture him for a situation we will arrest him convey him to Karachi quickly.

In Karachi, ladies having work within a few places in District East, for example, Dalmia, Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Rashid Minhas Road, PIB Colony and Pehlwan Goth, have lived in fear because of the powerlessness of the experts to get the offender since September 25th.

The police had reported Rs 1 million for any individual who could enable them to follow or grab the suspect.

It is trusted that with Waseem’s capture, the police may have put an end to a horrendous and psychopathic hazard. On the off chance that for reasons unknown Waseem isn’t their person, at that point the trial of the women in Pakistan’s biggest city is a long way from being done.

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