Police Bike Squad launched in Karachi

A police bike squad has launched in Karachi consisting of trained, skilled policemen. 100 police motorbikes will be used to patrol the Southern districts of Karachi; Defence and Clifton.

Karachi police chief Dr. Amir Ahmed Shaikh said, “In the first phase we have brought a team of 200 police commandos with 100 motorbikes. They are being deputed in Defence and Clifton in the South district. They have completed their training and passed out recently. According to our plan, we keep the force under the command of the area SP. The force will be in touch with the police helpline Madadgar 15.”

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Dr. Amir was hopeful that the police force will play its role in eradicating or reducing street crime in the City of Lights.

Sindh Rangers and Karachi police have worked tirelessly to improve the security situation in Karachi. But despite the efforts street crime is still the biggest challenge for the police and other law enforcement agencies.

Dr. Shaikh said, “In a few areas like Defence and Clifton we are arming the members of the force with small weapons like 9mm pistols and not with AK-47 assault rifles. At the same time, we are bringing reforms at the grass-root levels where we are identifying officers and policemen suspected of their connections with criminals at the police station level.

Adding, “We have already taken action against more than 100 such officials and more will face the same fate. Our drive against street crime carries a multipronged strategy and once all of them are channelized, a positive change would be visible to everyone.”

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