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Police Arrested 3 Suspects in Careem Captain’s Murder Case

On the night of Monday, a Careem driver was shot dead during a car snatching incident that took place in Rawalpindi—Naseerabad. As per reports, the latest update on the case is that the police have arrested three suspects in connection with the murder of the twenty-two years old Careem captain—Sajawal Ameer.

According to Syed Ali—the Division Superintendent of Police (SP)—Potohar, the suspects have been arrested from different areas of the city. Police also informed that out of the three arrested suspects one is an Afghan citizen and had a Pakistani national identity card with him.

Police also informed that the person who booked the ride is also in custody. That rider had been providing support to the robbers cum murderers, as suspected by Chaudhry Akhtar—Station House Officer (SHO)—Naseerabad.

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Police has also recovered the two-mobile phones and cash belonging to the victim from the possession of the suspects. Police has filed FIR with the owner of the car and Ameer’s roommate—Amir Mushtaq as the appellant. The police would be presenting the suspects in front of a local court today and would be appealing to get a physical remand of the suspects.

As per a statement of the ride-service providing firm the law enforcement agencies must make sure that the cities are made more secure and safe and the citizens must not have the fear for their lives when leaving homes to earn honest living.

The earlier reports have confirmed that upon showing resistance to the robbers Ameer was shot five times and was left fatally injured on the spot while the suspects flew with the captain’s cash, car and mobile phones.

In just the span of fifteen days this is the second incident of this sort that a Careem captain went through in the twin cities of Pakistan, which are considered more secure and safe than the other cities of the country.

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