Pokémon: Rare Game Editions Set New Records At Auction

Super Mario Bros

The world of game collectors is always good for records and remarkable sums of money, and it is always astonishing for outsiders how much is paid for old games. Now there are several new records, not only for Super Mario Bros. 3 but also for Pokémon.

The previous record for the most expensive game of all time was only set to last summer, in July 2020 a copy of Super Mario Bros. from 1985 fetched $ 114,000 at auction. This record has now been surpassed, and clearly. Because as previously reported, last week was sold at 3 Heritage Auctions a copy of the NES game Super Mario Bros. for 156,000 US dollars. But two Pokémon games for the Game Boy also set records.

Sealed and labeled with a special “Bros.”

The sold edition of Super Mario Bros. 3 has several special features, as the auction house, which specializes in collectibles, writes in a message: “The condition of the game is also remarkable, but what makes this copy even more unique is the layout of the packaging itself: Sealed copies with the word “Bros.” formatted on the left and covering one of Mario’s characteristic white gloves are extremely rare. “

According to Heritage Auctions, collectors have been looking for such a specimen for years, but so far without success. The glove-concealing version is one of the first editions or batches ever produced, later the “Bros.” placed above Mario’s head.

Other Nintendo games were also sold at the auction, namely sealed Pokémon copies for the Gameboy. The 1998 game found a new owner in the Red edition for $ 84,000, which also set a new record for the Pokémon franchise. Pokémon Yellow was a little “cheaper”, fetching $78,000. The current best price from Super Mario Bros. 3 is a record for a single game, but it is not the highest amount ever achieved for a gaming item: In the spring of that year, a rare “Nintendo PlayStation” prototype was sold, this one reached a final price of $ 360,000 at auction.