Pokemon Go and Sprint partner up


Pokemon Go became a hit all around the globe with its debut. The Pokemon craze later died out and many predicted that this augmented reality phenomenon is one, forever. However, the game is trying to get the initial audience back with new deals. The Pokemon Go players complaining about not having more pokestops and gyms are in for good news. Pokemon Go developers, Niantic has said that it is forming a partnership with Sprint. Sprint in the announcement is the first US partner the company came to mutual agreements with. This move will means that 10,500 sprint, boost mobile and Sprint at Radio Shack spots are upcoming places of interest for players.

If you’re unfamiliar with the game then Pokestops are places for players to stock up on important in-game items for example pokeballs. The partnership with Sprint, this will enable users to make use of charging locations for their phones. In July, there were rumored reports on how Niantic plans to bring advertisers more audience by creating the concept of sponsor locations. It is now in action. Sprint is the fourth largest wireless carrier in the US and this initiative points out on how it wants to get to more people. It seems like a good move to get more brand interaction and generate conversions through retail locations.

Sprint attempts to get more users with this partnership

Ever since, Pokemon Go hit the market many local businesses have been indulging with marketing their product through it. Local businesses get more foot traffic as players find Pokemon’s on the go. When the game was at its peak there was a common sight of local businesses trying to lure customers in. In New York it was common to see special deals for players or witty jokes. The US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton held one of her election campaign events at a Pokemon Go Gym. This is how important the game had become in garnering a good audience.

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Many more details will come forward on the 12th of December, 2016. It appears that Pokemon Go will get a lot of creatures. Currently, it only includes the first generation series.

Image via PVP Live