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PML-N Launching Maryam’s Son Junaid Safdar for Elections Campaign 2018

PML-N is considering introducing Maryam’s son Junaid Safdar for its elections campaign 2018.

Junaid Safar is studying politics in a UK university. He arrived in Pakistan on Monday to meet his mother, father, and grandfather all of whom are currently imprisoned at Adyala Jail.

PML-N senior official said that Safdar will address the different meetings in specific constituencies.

The official informed, “Though many PML-N candidates are yearning to invite Safdar in their respective campaigns, it’s being planned to arrange corner meetings in constituencies NA-127 (Lahore-V), from where his mother had planned to contest before her disqualification; NA-132 (Lahore-X), the seat where PML-N president Shahbaz Sharif is a candidate; and in NA-59 (Rawalpindi-II), where incarcerated PML-N leader Raja Qamarul Islam is fighting against former interior minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan.”

He informed that whether Mr. Safdar will address in other constituencies or not will be decided after he meets his mother in jail.

As per the official, the party is considering releasing more audios and videos from Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz. One audio message from the PML-N leadership has already circulated over social media. It seems that the PML-N workers will do all in their power to create a communication between Sharifs and the public of Pakistan even through the jail.

Also allowing Junaid Safdar to step in Pakistan’s politics will be a major step, whether people will welcome him with open arms or not and whether he will be able to handle the pressure, will be seen in time.

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