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PMDC Dissolution Challenged in IHC

PMDC dissolution

On Wednesday in the Islamabad High Court—IHC a petition was heard against the dissolution of PMDC.

The court gave orders to the secretaries to the president, health ministries, cabinet division and law ministries, to the chief commissioner, attorney general and to the president of the newly formed Pakistan Medical Commission—PMC and suspended the hearing until the 8th of November.

President Dr Arif Alvi has recently announced an ordinance which has left the PMDC dissolved and have made the way for the formation of PMC.

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Furthermore, the national health services ministry via the administration of the Islamabad district and police took over the possession of the Pakistan Medical and Dental College building and informed its 220 employees that the office would remain closed for one week.

Also, the federal government was given the authority of appointing an officer, not below the grade of BS-20, as an administrator to lead the executive committee.

The administrator and the executive committee were to practise the powers of the council until the constitution of a new council, as per the petition.

As per the petition, the apex court had last year set the criteria for the declaration of an ordinance.

The petition further added that the services of the PMDC employees were terminated without giving them a proper opportunity of hearing. It expressed the questions and confusions that the newly established PMC might hire the services of the new employees against the sanctioned and contractual positions via another mode following the issuance of the advertisement which would jeopardise the rights to serve the previous employees of the council.

The petition asked the court to announce the ordinance for the formation of PMC as unconstitutional and in the meantime permit the ex PMDC employees to continue working in the newly established commission.

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