PMD Predicts a Fall in Karachi’s Temperature


Yesterday, the PMD (Pakistan Meteorological Department) forecasted that a fall in the temperature of Karachi this week due to the westerly winds which has entered the port city on Monday.

According to the Met Office, the cold wave in Karachi will most likely end in the 3rd week of November in the city.

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Pakistan Meteorological Department predicted that the temperature in the metropolis city might down till 9 degrees Celsius within this week.

As per the reports, the weather in Karachi will remain dry and cold within the next twenty-four hours and the temperature will rise up to a maximum temperature of thirty degrees Celsius.

On Monday, PMD (Pakistan Meteorological Department) predicted that the weather will remain dry in most plain areas all over the province in the next twenty-four hours.

Moreover, the Meteorological Department reported that in the Upper Areas cold with fog will most likely prevail in the plain areas of Punjab throughout the night and morning hours.

On the other hand, the Gilgit-Baltistan government has recently decided to shut down all educational institutions in the province till the 23rd of November.

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