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PM to Launch Poverty Reduction Package

Prime Minister—Imran Khan would be announcing a massive poverty reduction package in a few days’ time.

Imran Khan during the inauguration of the first shelter home in Lahore indicated at the launch of the mega poverty alleviation project, which would be the first of its kind. As per the prime minister the venture would be launched in seven to ten days for bringing the people out of poverty in the nation.

He also said that the package would be the most significant part of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government’s hundred-day performance to be revealed before the public within the span of the next few days.

Mr Khan said that it would be a mutual effort of all the state organs who are already working on the project. He added that all the concerned and related country units would work under one head.

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Prime minister Imran Khan while recognizing the advice and the support provided by China said that they have learnt from the visit to China that how it did the amazing job of bringing out seven hundred million people out of poverty in just three decades.

He also said that Pakistan has come out of fiscal issues and is setting the basis for the first shelter home—Panah Gah situated near the railway station. The inauguration of the shelter home would be the first step towards the transformation of Pakistan into a welfare state.

PM Khan then quoted a Chinese proverb—” A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

About the Panah Gah project, PM said that it would be providing relief to the homeless and in need people. The visitors to the shelter home would be given quality food.

He added that such people have never been given any care before in the past governments. He also shared plans of opening other shelter homes in Icchra, Shahdara, Data Darbar and Chauburji.

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