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PM to Inaugurate 2 New Trains Today

2 new trains

The Prime Minister of Pakistan—Imran Khan would be inaugurating 2 new trains today that is Friday in the Prime Minister Secretariat.

The prime minister would be inaugurating the Rawalpindi Express and Mianwali Rail Car.

As per a statement issued by the Pakistan Railways, the Mianwali Rail Car comprises of nine passenger coaches. The production cost of the rail car was Rs 8.5 million, as per the released statement.

Mianwali Rail Car would be operational from today. The train would be departing from the Kundian for Rawalpindi in the morning at around 7 am and would be leaving from Rawalpindi to Kundian in the evening at 6 pm on a daily basis, the statement further mentioned.

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In the meantime, the Rawalpindi Express which has got a total capacity of carrying six hundred and eighty-five passengers would be operational from the 15th of September that is tomorrow—Saturday.

The Rawalpindi Express would at the same time be departing from Lahore and Rawalpindi at 8 pm daily, the statement further added.

An online facility is also provided for the passengers for booking their seats.

Sheikh Rasheed expressed good hope for the new trains and expects them to prove effective.

Recently it was announced that Gwadar would be made the eighth division of Pakistan Railways and the Ministry of Railways would be providing additional advantages to the officials who would be engaged in the development of the railways in the port city.

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