PM Stressed on Timely Completion of the Low-cost Housing Projects

PM Imran Khan recently stressed the related ministers to make sure the low-cost housing projects complete in a timely manner.

Affordable housing is one of the top-level provisions, says the Prime Minister of Pakistan. He recently stressed on timely completion of housing projects.

PM Imran Khan had a recent conversation with Federal Minister of Housing, Tariq Bashir Cheema. The two discussed the matter in detail.

The PM appreciated the efforts of the housing ministry and their project for federal employees’ housing plan.

Earlier this month, the Housing Minister of KP, Amjad Ali appreciated the PM’s grant of construction-related incentives. These incentives are believed to benefit the entire construction industry.

Under the new incentive plan, the government will apply only 5-7% of taxes related to the construction industry. The taxes vary, however, on the size of the plot.

In addition to this, the PM has also given relief benefits to low-income people.

It is said that last year the government had PKR 30 billion in reserves only for low-cost housing schemes. And there are some 186 construction projects around the country the government intends to complete.

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