PM Orders Urban Water Schemes all over Pakistan

The Ministry of Water Resources and Planning Division has been directed by Prime Minister Imran Khan to formulate a plan and initiate urban water schemes in all the major cities of Pakistan.

A meeting was held at the ministry office, chaired by the Prime Minister Imran Khan and attended by Asad Umar the Finance Minister, Mr. Khusro Bakhtiyar the Minister for Planning, Mr. Omar Ayub Khan the Minister for Power and other officials.

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The ministry was asked to work alongside provincial governments to start urban water schemes. Imran Khan said that the water supply scheme for Rawalpindi by Punjab Government and for Islamabad by Federal government should be started immediately.

In the meeting, the availability of water in Pakistan, issues to store water and other important matters were discussed. Presently the water storage capacity is of around 13.7 maf that is below the global standards. There is a need to enhance water capacity and availability according to the priority.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that a detailed plan will be drafted to make sure that the surface water is utilized as much as possible. Furthermore different development projects including the construction of dams were also discussed. The Prime Minister said that the hurdles in the construction of Dasu dam like the acquisition of land and settlement must be resolved immediately. He also stated that it is important that all relevant departments like WADPA, Ministry of Water Resources, Ministry of Energy etc cooperate with each other for effective execution of the projects.

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