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PM Orders Refund of Additional Money Charged from Gas Consumers

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The Prime Minister—Imran Khan has instructed the concerned authorities to refund the amount that was charged from the gas consumers via inflated bills and must act against the ones who are responsible.

The PM led a high-level meeting for discussing the problems of inflated gas bills. He was presented with a preliminary inquiry report during the meeting, as per the reports of APP.

PM Khan was briefed that as per the initial inquiry, 30 percent of the gas consumers were sent inflated bills.

Other than ordering to reverse the additional amount charged from the consumers, the Prime Minister instructed to continue on with the investigation to pull out all the facts.

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The public would be given an update regarding the future developments as soon as some comes, as informed in a statement of the PM Office.

On the 12th of February, PM Imran Khan ordered for the countrywide crackdown against gas theft.

While, heading over a high-level meeting on the present gas crisis in Pakistan, PM Khan said that attitude of leniency would not be adopted with the people who would be found involved in gas theft. He ordered the authorities not to shift the extra burden on gas consumers.

The PM briefed that the gas worth Rs50billion was stolen and the consumers have to tolerate this additional load as well. He was told that 91 percent of the gas consumers were being provided a 100percent subsidy.

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