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PM Khan’s Salary Has not Been Increased

PM Khan's salary

PM Khan’s salary has not been increased and the reports circulating regarding the surge are baseless and fake, as per a spokesperson of the PM’s office.

The spokesperson also said that the prime minister was rather running an austerity campaign for curbing the government expenses.

The federal cabinet in a recent meeting gave approval to the change to a bill regarding to the salaries and perks of the prime minister and the president, as informed by the spokesperson.

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The decision that only one residence of the prime minister and the president could be declared as a camp office.

PM Khan gave directives that there must be a limit to the camp office expenses unlike that of the past, as per the statement.

He also said that the expenses of the heads of the governments are met from the money of the taxpayers and should be minimal.

KDA has launched a statement lounge for the property buyers and sellers. The development authority on Tuesday introduced the Statement Lounge as part of its own-window facility for the property buyers and sellers.

The statement lounge is located at the ground floor of the civic centre in Karachi. It would be working under the KDA Land Management system.

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