PM Khan Wishes for a Speedy Recovery of Boris Johnson and Prince Charles – Research Snipers

PM Khan Wishes for a Speedy Recovery of Boris Johnson and Prince Charles

On Saturday, Prime Minister Imran Khan wished for a speedy recovery of both Prince Charles Prince of Whales and Boris Johnson the Prime Minister of the UK. Both of them were recently tested positive for the Global pandemic called COVID-19 infection.

PM Khan wrote on his Twitter account that he hopes PM Boris Johnson and Prince Charles recovers speedily and lives a good and long life ahead.

The Prime Minister also noticed that the coronavirus had affected people beyond and across borders.

He stresses that there is a need for an international coordinated response to contain the deadly virus.

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A spokesperson of the Clarence House said that Prince Charles aged 71 after feeling mild symptoms went to self-isolation and stayed in good health.

On the other hand, Boris Johnson the UK Prime Minister told about his diagnosis through a video but still, he will continue his services while keeping himself self-isolated in an apartment located in Downing Street.

Recently, the foreign media also claimed that the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has also been tested positive for the virus. This news can be fake and yet it is not confirmed.

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