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PM Khan Welcomes Greetings from the Indian PM


Prime Minister of Pakistan—Imran Khan has welcomed the greetings and good wishes of the Indian Prime Minister—Narendra Modi with an open heart for the people of Pakistan on the Pakistan Resolution Day, which was celebrated yesterday that is on the 23rd of March 2019.

Imran Khan on the occasion said that it is now time that both the countries better start a detailed dialogue for addressing the issues and for their solutions, especially the solution of the central issue which is of Kashmir.

PM Khan also called for starting a new relationship based on peace, goodwill, and prosperity for all the people of both the nations.

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The Indian Prime Minister in his message said that it is time that the people of Sub-continent may start working together for a peaceful, prosperous, democratic and progressive region.

On the other hand, some days back it emerged in reports that the President of the United States of America has said that the US and Pakistan are on very good terms. He appreciated the role being played by Pakistan for bringing in and maintaining peace and stability in the region and in asking the Taliban to come on the tables for talks.

Trump also informed that he would soon be meeting with the Pakistan officials.

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