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PM Khan Urges Writers to Promote National Ideology and Values

PM Khan

PM Khan on Friday urged the writers to promote the national ideology and values of the country, as per the reports of local media.

While talking with the famous writers and intellectuals of the country via video link, PM Khan called for immediate measures for making the new generation aware of the national ideology and identity.

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He mentioned that all the efforts put at the promotion of the national civilization and culture would be welcomed at the government level.

PM Khan said that exposure to foreign cultures is not good for the Islamic morals and national values, as it poses a serious threat to the history of the country and its cultural and social values.

He further added that the knowledge about the Islamic heroes, national history, and the ancestors, is getting limited among the new generations.

On the other hand, recently Shaan Shahid a famous name of Pakistan’s showbiz industry has shared his views about the Turkish drama series Ertugrul. The actor and director rated the drama highly and called it a classic masterpiece.

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