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PM Khan Urges All to Stay at Home and to Show Self-Discipline

PM Khan

In a tweet on Monday, PM Khan posted that people should stay at home as much as they could during these crucial times of coronavirus pandemic and should show self-discipline.

He said that the more people exhibit self-discipline, the easier it will be for the government to manage the coronavirus. He further added that the lockdown will slowly be relaxed.

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After the tweet, a video of the doctors of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital was posted. In the video, the doctors were seen urging all the people to stay at their homes.

Pakistan has taken the decision of extending its country-wide lockdown until the 30th of April for controlling the spread of the COVID-19. More than eight thousand cases have surfaced that are affected by the novel coronavirus, and the death count stands at one hundred and sixty seven.

On the other hand, PM Khan has said that he expects that the count of the coronavirus cases will be surging by the mid of the next month. He also said that he anticipates that the severity of the virus might increase during the mid of the next month and that will be a testing time for the medical facilities of the country.

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