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PM Khan to Inaugurate Green Line Bus Project

Green Line Bus Project

Imran Ismail, the Governor of Sindh has made the announcement that PM Khan would be inaugurating the Green Line Bus project which is completed for providing relief to the citizens of Karachi suffering from the issues of transportation, as per the reports of local media.

Imran Ismail, while addressing a press conference in Karachi today, informed that he has monitored the making of the Green Line bus project over the instructions of PM Khan and he would be briefing him about the details.

Ismail said that infrastructure development has got Rs.8 billion from the Centre and close association between the federal and the provincial governments would end the delays made in the completion of the development.

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He indicated that the authorities would be set to officially inaugurate the bus project by the 7th of February next year. Ismail said that PM Khan has given special attention to Sindh and it is the only province where people get health insurance cards without asking for any assistance from the provincial government.

The governor briefed that the federal government was responsible for finalising the infrastructure regarding the work of the bus project. He also said that the federal authorities have made a deal about its rent and subsidies from Green Line buses.

It is important to mention that the Green Line BRT project of Karachi with intersections is 24 km long and includes 12.7 km elevation, 10.9 km at grade and 422 meters underground and has got 25 stations.

The phase-II common corridor from Gurumandir up to Municipal Park with an extension of 2.5 km has got two underpasses at the M.A Jinnah Road.

The international standard underground bus terminal with the facility to park and the commercial mezzanine floor was being built in Numaish.

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