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PM Khan to Inaugurate Digital Pakistan Campaign Today

Digital Pakistan Campaign

PM Khan would be inaugurating the digital Pakistan campaign today as per the reports of local media.

The inauguration ceremony would be held at the PM Office in the federal capital. Under the campaign, the correspondence between the various government departments would be digitalised, which previously was done on paper.

The project would work under the Information Technology Minister. PM Khan had given the task to the IT Ministry back in August, the ministry has compleated the project within the provided deadline of 3 months.

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Previously on the 21st of December, Dr Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui–the federal minister for Information Technology and Telecommunication had said that digitalizing Pakistan in the topmost preference of the government.

While heading a meeting of the PM Khan’s Taskforce on IT and Telecom in the capital city, Dr Maqbool had said that Pakistan would be moving towards development and prosperity via the information technology.

The federal minister had said that the penetration of fibre net, mobile phones, broadband and smartphones like technologies would be promoted across the nation and further said that the incumbent government is inclined to promote information technology in Pakistan.

On the other hand, Awais Shah — the Transport and Mass Transit Minister of Sindh has said that new online transport companies are willing to start their services in the province. He said that the market would be becoming highly competitive with the launch of these new services.

While referring to the economic situation of the country he said that economically the conditions are not conducive, however, the transport firms are investing in this sector which is a positive measure. He mentioned that the government of Sindh would do everything possible for facilitating these companies.

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