PM Khan to Inaugurate 2 National Parks in GB

National Parks in GB

Pakistan is all ready to inaugurate 2 national parks in Gilgit Baltistan regions as part of its “Protective Area Initiative” for addressing the climate change threat.

Under the plan, Pakistan would be getting fifteen new national parks throughout the nation to surging the protected and conserved area in the nation to fifteen percent.

As per reports, the two parks in GB’s Hindrub and Nanga Parbat are ready and would soon be inaugurated by PM Khan, as per the adviser to the PM on Climate Change-Malik Amin Aslam.

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He also said that it is for the first time in a while that Pakistan has prepared the national parks that are spread over the large acres of land. He added that the drive also encompasses revamping parks in the province of Balochistan and parts of Sindh.

The adviser added that the endangered animals in the nation such as the ibex and the snow leopards should be safeguarded with the help of the residents.

He indicated that the government had engrossed in the debt for the swapping of nature. He also said that via this, a nation could reduce its debts by committing for the protection of nature and to enhance biodiversity.

These parks would be monitored by the World Wildlife Fund for Nature and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

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