PM Khan to Hold a Big Rally in Muzaffarabad on Sep 13

big rally

Prime Minister Imran Khan to hold a big rally in Muzaffarabad on the 13th of September.

On Wednesday the PM Khan announced about the rally which is to be conducted later this week. The rally would be held for sending a message to the world about the military curfew imposed on the Indian-Occupied Kashmir.

As per a Twitter post, the PM Khan said that the rally would be aimed at showing the world that the people of Pakistan are in solidarity with the people of the occupied Kashmir.

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PM Khan tweeted that he is going to have a big rally in Muzaffarabad on the 13th of September that is Friday for sending a message to the world regarding the continuing siege of IOJK by the Indian forces and to show it to the Kashmiri brethren that Pakistan stands firmly with them.

PM Khan is set for addressing the United Nations later this month for highlighting the Indian atrocities in the occupied valley in front of the world leaders. The Indian PM—Narendra Modi would also be addressing the UN the same day.

Previously, PM Khan asked the UN Human Rights Council—UNHCR for establishing an independent investigation instantly for inquiring the human rights violations in the occupied Kashmir.

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