PM Khan to Form ‘Corona Relief Tigers Force’


Prime Minister Imran Khan has made the announcement to form a “Corona Relief Tigers Force” due to the spread of novel coronavirus pandemic across Pakistan.

PM Khan said that the government needs young people to fight the virus. Also, he said that the registration of the “Corona Relief Tigers Force” will begin from 31st March.

Prime Minister Imran Khan gave the example of China’s lockdown of the city Wuhan and said that the Chinese government provided food at the doorstep to the people after implementing a lockdown.

As per PM Imran Khan, 9 people lost their lives due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, what would be the situation after two weeks, nothing can be said about it for sure.

The PM was optimistic that the war against coronavirus can only be won with the collective resolve of the nation. He said that the total lockdown is not possible considering the condition of poor people in Pakistan.

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It was decided by all four provinces, Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan that there will be no inter-province restriction on the transportation of goods.

The PM presided the meeting of the National Coordination Committee (NCC) over COVID-19. He said that the government has decided to open food-related industries for a smooth supply chain.

He said,  “This is a difficult balance. On one hand, we have coronavirus which can spread, and on the other, we have to ensure that our people do not die of hunger.”

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