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PM Khan Says Business Environment is Towards Betterment

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PM Khan says that the business environment is being improved in the country.

The government has settled on extending all facilities to the business community and investors said the Prime Minister on Tuesday.

In the past people had a mindset that the profit earned for business activities was considered to be negative and heavy taxes were imposed to discourage this trend. The PM says that the government is making efforts to change such a mindset.

He said such things while talking to a delegation of US-Pakistan Business Council led by Dr Mahmood Khan.

Representatives of the prominent US companies which are doing their businesses in Pakistan were part of the delegation.

Some senior officials including; Dr Abdul Hafeez Sheikh the financial adviser, Investment Board chairman Zubair Gilani, Abdul Razak Dawood Advisor on commerce were also present at the occasion.

Imran Khan welcomed everyone warm-heartedly telling them that the 1970s nationalization policy resulted in inactiveness of economic progress.

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According to his words, the government is working very hard to ensure that doing business was made easy and the investment board and concerned ministries are continuously working hard and making efforts to facilitate the investors.

The PM says that in any problem and difficulty the business community would find the government very much active and responsive.

 The delegation also included different companies like: General Electric, Facebook, Proctor and Gamble, Exxon Mobile, Netsol, Abbot, Uber, Citibank and PepsiCo.

The chairman of the US-Pakistan explained the PM each and everything about the various US companies active in Pakistan.

The people belonging to those particular companies also told Imran Khan about their business activities, trade volume and their part in the national economy.

All the representatives showed proper confidence in the policy released by the government especially the provision of facilities to the investors and to the business community, equal opportunities for doing business and registration process for the business activities.

They also showed interest in further expanding their own business and investment in our country.

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