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PM Khan Reveals 4-Point Plan to Elevate Country

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Imran Khan—the Prime Minister has revealed a 4-point plan for taking the country out of the ongoing financial issues, which as per the PTI government happened because of the negligence of the previous governments.

While addressing the Pakistani community in Malaysia during his 2-day long tour, Imran Khan said that the present government is focused at elevating the living standards of the poor and underprivileged class of society by restructuring the governance and eradicating corruption.

He stressed that the government was focusing on 4 areas on a priority basis. The areas included are as follows:

  • Legal Channels Usage for Settlement

PM Khan said that the government is also insisting the overseas Pakistanis for using lawful means of sending their settlements to relatives.

He added that ten to fifteen billion dollars could be attained additionally if legal channels were used.

  • Controlling Money Laundering

Prime Minister said that eradication of money laundering is the most significant concern of the government as every year billions of dollars go abroad.

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He also said that the government would not be sparing the factors involved in money laundering and corruption. He added that the violators would be punished and would be facing trial and jails.

  • Boosting Export

The first area is to increase exports of Pakistan for ensuring trade balance, as said by the PM. He added that all the stakeholders have been taken on board for collaborative efforts.

He praised the Malaysian development because of better governance in spite of having limited resources.

  • Foreign Investment

He mentioned attracting foreign investments into Pakistan as it is the main source for creating jobs and for boosting the economic activity in the nation.

He asked the overseas Pakistanis to make investments in Pakistan as part of their national duty and assured them that the government would try to facilitate them in every way possible.

On the evening of Wednesday Imran Khan left for Pakistan after concluding his 2-day long official visit to Malaysia.

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