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PM Khan Removes Biometric Verification Condition for Senior Citizens

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PM Khan has removed the biometric verification condition for the senior citizens.

The Biometric verification has been eliminated for the senior citizens due to unclear fingerprints. In this regard, many complaints have been received by the Prime Minister Imran Khan which led to the decision of this elimination.

Imran Khan also asked the concerned authorities not to disturb the senior citizens if they face any difficulty while verifying their fingerprints for the bank accounts.

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Mostly above 65-year-old people face this issue because as time passes their skin loses its elasticity which makes it difficult to find their fingerprints.

Due to this regard, official notification has been released on Tuesday for the elimination of the Biometric verification for the old age civilians.

Although, an undertaking would be required from the person in order to confirm that all his/her documents or particulars given to the bank are accurate.

The Old age citizen will not have to pass through the process of the verification of the passport, SIM card or CNIC.

Also, the State Bank of Pakistan has excused the emigrants to go through the process of Biometric verification and keep on using their accounts in Pakistan after providing proof of their particular to bank branches that they live abroad.

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3 thoughts on “PM Khan Removes Biometric Verification Condition for Senior Citizens

  1. Well, the reasons and logic that are presented in this article are plausible and I agree with you. This is the issue that aged people face when it comes to biometric verification.
    Anyway, I would like to say its a good stop and I appreciate this initiative.
    Thanks for this update.

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