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PM Khan Postpones Karachi Electricity Prices Hike Decision

Karachi Electricity Prices

PM Khan has postponed the decision of increasing the electricity prices in Karachi for now. The decision of increasing the prices was taken after the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) took the decision to let the KE charge more from its consumers.

PM Khan headed a meeting of the cabinet committee on energy on Thursday and told the members to not let KE surge the electricity tariffs for now.

The ECC had previously taken the decision to let the KE surge its rates by Rs.2.89 per unit. The surge would have marked a 22.5 percent hike in an average per unit as the price would have increased up from Rs.12.82 to Rs.15.71.

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In the meantime, PM Khan has also instructed the members to end the power outages in Karachi. He also said that the electricity to KE should be offered from the national grid until the power utility resolves its issues.

The CEO of K-Electric Moonis Abdullah Alvi has recently said KE has been facing a load of three thousand five hundred and sixty megawatts, while the maximum the private firm has been able to offer was 320MW in the best possible scenario.

The electricity prices were surged across the nation on the suggestions of the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) previously in January. However, the KE was told not to surge the prices and the federal government has been offering an average of Rs.3 to 4 billion on a per month basis.

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