PM Khan Pays Tribute to Allama Iqbal

Allama Iqbal

On Monday, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan paid a tribute to Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal who was a national poet of Pakistan on his 143rd birthday via Twitter.

PM Khan wrote on his official Twitter account that Allama Iqbal’s thoughts still remain a source of guidance and inspiration for many people. Moreover, he shared an article written by a renowned Iranian revolutionary and sociologist Dr. Ali Shariati regarding Iqbal.

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As per the reports, Imran Khan quoted from Dr. Shariati’s article which read; Allama Iqbal is a mystic with a pure spirit who also respects science and, the advancement of human reason and technological progress in our age.

Previously, Prime Minister Imran Khan released an official message in the honor of Allama Iqbal. The message highlighted the collective and individual responsibility of building a nation in the light of Iqbal’s thoughts.

PM further added that the national poet did not only dreamt of Pakistan but he also dreamt of the issues the country would face after the creation. Imran Khan said that the vision of Allama Muhammad Iqbal is still a guiding force to overcome issues including extremism and sectarianism.

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