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PM Khan paid Rs4.7 million in taxes between 1981 and 2017

Imran Khan—the Prime Minister of Pakistan had paid almost 4.7 million rupees in taxes during the period of 1981 and 2017.

The documents revealed that during the mentioned time period, PM Khan was exempted from paying the taxes for a few years, and also paid taxes of only a few hundred rupees in some other years.

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Babar Sattar—the counsel for Justice Qazi Faez Isa raised a question in the court and highlighted that for some years, the wife of his client, Justice Faez Isa, had paid even more tax than the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

The counsel of the Supreme Court’s judge highlighted that during the hearing of the reference moved by the President of Pakistan against Justice Qazi Faez Isa.

On the recommendations of the Prime Minister Office, the President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan Dr. Arif Alvi sent a reference to the Supreme Judicial Council against the judge of the top court of the country alleging that Justice Faez Isa had not declared the assets held by his wife and children in Britain therefore, he should be sent home.

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