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PM Khan orders to launch an online vehicles’ registration system

It has been learned that the Prime Minister of Pakistan—to facilitate the people of Pakistan—has ordered the concerned authorities to introduce an online system to register the vehicles.

According to the details, PM Khan has directed the authorities to launch a system in the Department of Excise for the online registration of the vehicles.

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The Ministry of the Interior has been instructed by Prime Minister Khan to ensure the launch of the vehicles’ online registration system in the excise office of the capital city Islamabad, and present an implementation report within 90 days.

According to the order issued from the PM office, the premier further directed to develop an online system for the token tax as well. The details further said that all branches of the National Bank were directed to accommodate fee submission of the registration.

Further instructions in the notification include: setting up a designated counter for special persons and running an awareness campaign for the online system of the vehicles’ registration.