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PM Khan Orders for the Provision of Basic Facilities to Virus Affected People

On Wednesday, PM Imran Khan asked the Punjab government to provide all facilities to the people who are affected by coronavirus and also to update him with the situation regularly.

Imran Khan visited the Quarantine center set up in Punjab for the people coming from Iran. He also visited the central control room. After paying these visits, he chaired a meeting to discuss the situation of the virus. He made an inquiry over the Zaiereen’s health.

Chief Secretary of Punjab did the briefing about the condition of COVID 19 to the Prime Minister.

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Some senior officials were part of this meeting along with; Chief Secretary Punjab, Chairman National Disastrous Management Authority, Inspector General of Police, Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar and Special Assistants Dr. Shahbaz Gill, Dr. Moeed Yusuf and Dr. Zafar Mirza.

In the meeting, PM said to keep informing people about the arrangements that have been made to control the pandemic virus.

Also, there should be screening arrangements in the isolation center along with all the basic facilities they would require.

The chief secretary told Imran Khan that there are arrangements for proper monitoring of the availability of essential commodities in the market, also there are union councils in the wake of the situation of the virus. He also briefed the PM about the future strategies for the same regard.

Those profiteers and hoarders who are trying to get benefits from this drastic situation should be taken under strict action as per the PM.

Lastly, he says to keep on reviewing the steps with the changing situations and prepare an efficient strategy so the people face no disturbance.

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