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PM Khan on his first US Visit meets Pakistani Businessmen

Pakistani businessmen

PM Imran Khan on his first official trip to the USA meets several Pakistani businessmen on Sunday, 21st July.

Imran Khan was called upon at the Pakistani Embassy in Washington DC, by a group of prospective investors and by Javed Anwar, leading the Pakistani businessman.

The invitation to the businessmen and investors was sent by the PM to in order to have benefited from the economic and business opportunities given by Pakistan’s strategic location and to have connectivity to a broader region.

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As per a press statement, the investors appreciated the idea of improving the security environment in Pakistan and did identification of the areas of their interests in which they could easily invest especially in the key sectors comprising of energy and tourism.

On his three day visit, it is scheduled that the Prime Minister would meet the US President Donald Trump on 22nd July. The main focus of this visit is to strengthen the ties between the US and Pakistan in order to bring stability, peace and economic prosperity that has been facing conflicts so far.

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