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PM Khan Launches Yaran-e-Watan Volunteer Service

An emergency response volunteer services for overseas Pakistani health professionals has been launched by the federal government.

PM Imran Khan tweeted that Pakistani health professionals overseas are fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic. They want to help fight the pandemic in Pakistan as well.

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PM Imran Khan tweeted, “Pakistani health professionals are on the frontline in the fight against #COVID19 across the world. They also want to help us combat COVID19 in Pak. We have launched @YaranWatan initiative for our overseas health professionals who can now register to volunteer their services.”

The health professionals of Pakistan residing in foreign lands would be able share their expertise through tele-training sessions, telemedicine for triage and counselling, public health and research collaborations.

PM Imran has advised the nation to practice generosity during the Holy month of Ramadan. Furthermore, PM Khan said that the whole world is facing the severe consequences of the novel coronavirus. He urged the people to help those in need and display full unity, cooperation and sacrifice.

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The PM tweeted that the poor and vulnerable in society have been neglected. He said that Pakistanis must use this month to seek forgiveness for abandoning the poor.

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