PM Khan launches ‘Plant for Pakistan’ 10 Billion Tree Plantation Drive – Research Snipers

PM Khan launches ‘Plant for Pakistan’ 10 Billion Tree Plantation Drive

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‘Plant for Pakistan’ campaign has started. Prime Minister Imran Khan initiated the drive and planted a sapling in Balloki at the Forest Reserve

Imran Khan spoke on the occasion and said that few forests have been left in Pakistan. The jungle in Mianwali has been cut as well. PM was informed that in Changa Manga the situation has worsened.

Before officially launching the campaign, the PM tweeted,  “We are launching our #Plant4Pakistan program and reclaiming mafia encroached land, converting it into forests and wildlife parks for our future generations to fight climate change and pollution.”

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Deputy Commissioner Nankana Raja Mansoor Ahmed disclosed that 10,000 saplings will be planted by 25,000 schoolchildren. The land on which they planted is retrieved by illegal occupants and it is government owned. So on 2,500 acres the trees will be planted.

This news was also confirmed by the Prime Minister’s Advisor on Climate Change, Malik Amin revealing that around 2500 acres of land was taken from the land mafia. He further stated that this is the first time in history that land is being retrieved to plant trees in the country.

It is important that necessary steps are taken to safeguard our environment, trees are planted and eco-friendly ideas are implemented to make Pakistan safer and cleaner for our generations to come.