PM Khan launches National Poverty Graduation Initiative

National Poverty Graduation Initiative has been launched by Prime Minister Imran Khan. The aim is to help poor people by offering them interest-free loans.

While addressing the inaugural ceremony of the initiative in Islamabad, PM Khan said that the government will introduce new initiatives under Ehsas Programme umbrella, every month. The goal is to pull people out of poverty.

Cheques of different amounts were distributed by Prime Minister. The interest-free loans will help the poor people in setting up businesses on a small-scale to boost their living standards.

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PM Khan said that he regrets that the previous governments that came into power served their own interest instead of masses.

He said,  “Naya Pakistan will pull the poor out of poverty.”

He cited the Chinese example of bringing almost 70o million people out of poverty over a period of 30 years.

He said that the project aims to bring betterment in the lives of the people, bring them above the poverty line and make their life prosperous.

PM said, “We are giving interest-free loans to 82,000 people today. InshAllah, we will empower the weak segment of society.”

He said that the PTI government wants to launch different welfare programs and build Pakistan on the pattern of Madina state.

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