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PM Khan launches Ehsaas Salani Langer Scheme to ensure no person sleeps hungry

Imran Khan-led federal government of Pakistan has launched another scheme that aims to ensure that no person in the country goes to sleep hungry.

Prime Minister of Pakistan, while speaking at the launching ceremony of the programme in Islamabad on Monday, said that in the first phase of the scheme, the Ehsas Salani Langar Scheme will start as many as 112 langars. PM Khan said that Langar is a free meal served to all people in the country, without distinction of religion, caste, job, gender, or ethnicity.

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The newly launched programme by the government of Pakistan seeks to reach to the people living in impoverished areas and provide them with food.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan further said, “The scheme will be expanded to the areas where unemployment rates are high.”

“We don’t want anyone to stay hungry,” PM Khan added.

Mr Khan further said that the concept of Riyasat-e-Madina is all about taking care of the poor people in the county. He said we want to implement that in Pakistan adding that we want the government to feel for the poor and work for improving their lives.

PM Khan further expressed that we don’t want the rich to become richer and poor to become poorer. “Look at the example of China. The government of China has created wealth and then used it to bring people out of poverty,” PM Khan added.

According to a report published by the International Food Policy Research Institute, more than 200 million people are malnourished in Pakistan.

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