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PM Khan Introduces Teleschool to Assist Students Acquire Education Amid Lockdown


On Monday, PM Khan has introduced the Teleschool, which is an educational television channel, for broadcasting the academic content for the students who are stuck at their homes amid the coronavirus associated lockdown.

He said while lauding the efforts put in by the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training and the Information Ministry regarding the initiative, that the channel will assist in transmitting the education to children all across the nation during the lockdown impositions.

It is very unfortunate that no attention was paid to improving the education quality in the country in the back days. The Prime Minister of Pakistan also said that the government is giving special attention to the education standards.

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He added that the channel will continue even after the epidemic is eradicated and the situation returns back to the normal. He also promised to extend every possible cooperation that will be needed in this matter.

PM Khan also said that the channel will also be providing benefits to the children who are residing in the far off areas of the nation.

PM Khan has regretted that Pakistan is far behind in the field of education and health and said that he has been giving more attention to the teleschool and the telemedicine. He indicated that the teleschool has been launched and the telemedicine is still in working.

The channel will be broadcasting programmes for the students of grade 1-12 from 8 am in the morning to 6 pm in the evening on a per-day basis. There will be the lessons on General Science, Urdu, English and Maths for the junior students during the morning session while the remaining time is allocated for the senior students.

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