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PM Khan Instructs to Launch Website for Tourists


For boosting tourism in the country Prime Minister Imran Khan has ordered to launch a detailed website immediately for recognizing all new tourist zones being established and for giving comprehensive information to the locals as well as the foreign tourists.

While heading a meeting on the development and promotion of tourism in the country in the federal capital the PM Khan said that the sector of tourism is growing in Pakistan.

The PM was given briefing by the concerned departments on Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Tourism Act and overall regarding the steps being taken for uplifting the tourism activities in the country.

It was also told in the meeting that 11 integrated tourism zones are being set up in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and 8 in Punjab.

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He was also told that internationally successful models are being copied for boosting tourism.

As per the reports of The Telegraph, Pakistan is soon to become the next big thing of tourism.

As per the newspaper, the nation was once one of the main things of the classic hippie trail route from Europe to the Far East for the disillusioned Western youth.

Lahore and Peshawar were taken as not just safe, but also okay-ish places for starting a few days stay in an economical hostel.

The present government has taken many measures for giving a boost to the tourism industry in Pakistan.

As per the latest updates, PM Khan has done the inauguration of the online visa practice of Pakistan for the foreign nationals of 190 nations along with the facility of visa-on-arrival for 55 countries.

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