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PM Khan Inaugurates Pakistan Online Visa System

Pakistan Online Visa System

Prime Minister—Imran Khan has inaugurated the Pakistan Online Visa System. Under the system, online visa facility has been provided to the citizens of 175 nations.

While addressing the inaugural ceremony, the PM said that business visa would be provided to the citizens of 96 nation on their arrival in Pakistan. In the same way, visa on arrival would also be given to the tourists of 50 nations.

The PM said that business visas facility under these categories would also be given within 7 to 10 days.

The online visa facility would include the divisions of business, tourism, diplomat and journalist visa, work and student visa, family visit, cultural visits and participation in seminars and conferences.

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The PM added that the tour operators of the International Air Transport Association would be permitted to carry out group tourism in Pakistan.

The restriction for journalists of visiting only 3 cities has also been withdrawn alongside the restriction of the non-objection certificate has been taken off for tourists visiting the cantonment areas.

It was also informed that religious visa would be valid for 45 days but visas for International Non-Governmental Organisations would be dependent on the clearance from Interior Ministry.

The PM said that the issuance of an online visa is a significant step towards bringing a positive change as it would be opening Pakistan for the outside world.

He added that it indicates that Pakistan is a peaceful and stable nation and is open to the world for doing businesses and for tourism.

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