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PM Khan Inaugurates Havelian-Thakot section of Hazara motorway


Prime Minister Imran Khan has inaugurated the Hazara motorway’s section Havelian-Thakot.

At the inauguration of the section, PM Khan referred to recent opposition sit-in in Islamabad as “circus”.

He said, “Those who feared arrest because of corrupt practices were on the container with the Maulana. Their effort was focused on pressurizing and blackmailing.”

PM Khan vowed that he will not stop the accountability drive against corrupt politicians until justice prevails in Pakistan.

Khan said, “Do whatever you can, get together, I promise I will not spare even one individual who looted national wealth.”

Prime Minister said that he struggled for 22 years and he did not have the “political party as part of family inheritance”.

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Regarding the newly launched section of the motorway, Imran Khan said that CPEC is essential for the development of Pakistan.

He said,  “Earlier, CPEC was only a network of roads, but now it has become a project to further improve our industry and agriculture. This land is blessed with many resources, we just have to manage them better.”

Adding, “We will now invest in human capital. The health card that we have distributed among the people, will enable them to attain quality healthcare.”

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