PM Khan Hands over Pakistan’s First batch of Ventilators to NDMA

On Monday, Pakistan’s first batch of locally made ventilators has been handed over to the National Disaster Management Authority by Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Fawad Chaudhry Federal Science and Technology Minister calls this a Landmark achievement.

In total, fifty-seven ventilator designs were provided to the Pakistan Engineering Council out of which four designs were approved.

The ventilators are going to be manufactured at the National Radio and telecommunication Corporation situated in Haripur, which is ninety kilometers away from the capital city. NRTC will be the first corporation to manufacture the ventilators in Pakistan.

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Pakistan is getting the latest medical equipment from the foreign countries having a worth of Rs. 2.1 billion dollars.

According to the science minister, Pakistan won’t need to purchase medical equipment from foreign countries in the next five years.    

The locally made ventilators are named as SafeVent SP 100.

Imran Khan inaugurated the National Radio and Telecommunication corporation’s facility in producing the first-ever ventilators in Haripur. According to him, this talent will make the country self reliant with new technological inventions.

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