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PM Khan Give Directives to Implement New Retirement Rules

On Wednesday, PM Khan gave directives to the Establishment Division to implement new rules for the retirement of the civil servants. He also asked them to complete this exercise within a month so that the performances of all civil servants can be reviewed.

For this purpose, a letter was issued by the Prime Minister to the Establishment Division to process cases under Civil Servants (Directory retirement from Services) Rules, 2020 which the (Statutory Regulatory Order) SRO have already notified on April 13, 2020.

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As per rule six of the rules, each office or department will have to make a list of those servants who have completed the mandatory length of their service under Section 13 of Civil Servants Act, 1973, and also to take a review of their performance.

PM Khan further wrote in the letter that after the review, if the mandatory grounds of retirement are examined as per the rule number 5 of the rules, those cases will be referred to the particular retirement committee or board by the administrators.

Imran Khan directs the Establishment Division to be the keeper of the rules mentioned and make sure it circulates essential instruction to everyone including the departments, divisions, ministries, cadre administrators so that we can proceed in accordance to provide the civil servants. This process has to be carried out by the care administrators as per rule 6 of the rules and should be completed within one month.

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