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PM Khan Directs to Run Country-wide Coronavirus Awareness Drive

Country-wide Coronavirus Awareness Drive

Under the directives of the PM Khan, the government has taken the decision of taking measures for starting a country-wide awareness campaign on the dangers and prevention methods against the coronavirus pandemic, as per the reports of local media.

Saifullah Niazi, the chief organizer has given directives on providing details of the drive to the concerned leaders in the various cities of the nation.

The government’s official social media team has asked to make a digital campaign on the matter.

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The drive would be educating the masses on the COVID-19 and would ask them to stay indoors until the threat of the deadly virus ends.

The government members would also be going door-to-door for paying special emphasis to their hygiene while also conducting practical hand-washing demos throughout the nation.

Previously, at least 41 more people were confirmed positive for the coronavirus in Sindh on the morning of Monday, hence surging the count of Pakistan to 94.

On the other hand, the actors’ community has also joined hands with the government to drive against the coronavirus for educating people about it.

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